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This is the Airbana Airsoft Team platform which allows Airsoft Teams to advertise their presence, publish their contact details, upload images, schedule games, use Airbana SMS to keep in touch and more.

This platform is free for all to use, if you are looking for Airsoft Retailers or Airsoft Skirmish sites check out;

Adding your Team to will allow other Skirmishers nearby to find you, other teams can challenge you, publicise your existance, show where you've been and what competitions you've won.

What can a team add?
  • Custom Subdomain

    When you create your Team account you will be able to create your own sub-domain to help brand your part of the site.

    If your Team was called Airbana then you could have

  • Team Gallery

    Upload some pictures of the team in action or whatever you want with your own dedicated space.

  • Blog

    Either utilise as your blogging platform or provide a link to your RSS feed to stream your existing blog posts to your AirsoftTeam subdomain

  • List Events you'll be attending

    Let people know where you'll be by flagging events that the team will be attending.

  • Get Found

    With your custom subdomain, a pin on the AirsoftTeam map, featured lists, Twitter announcements and Facebook integration more people will be able to find your team.

About Airbana

Airbana is a community driven series of websites designed to help fellow airsofters find information about Airsoft locations, teams and other info!


General inquiries:

Support:visit the FAQs


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